Sunday Mornings

Worship Service: 

On Sundays at 9:30am, our teens join with the rest of the church for our worship service. That's where we meet together with our whole church to worship God by singing, praying, and listening to Pastor Jim's sermon. Many of our teens even play music on the worship team or have other roles to play on Sunday morning. 

Sunday School: 

On Sundays from 10:45 - 11:45am we have Sunday School. In Sunday School, our teens open up their Bibles, read Scripture, and interact with one another as we learn more about God and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Plus, we always have food for everyone!

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 8:30pm, our teens gather together for Youth Group.  At Youth Group, our teens play games that are led and organized by teens; worship with a band made up of teens; pray for themselves, each other, and their other friends; and have a short lesson from the Bible taught by Pastor Shelton. Anyone from the 7th - 12th grade is invited to come! And just because we're cool like that --  we like to give away candy to people who come join us for the first time!  


Bible Quizzing is an opportunity for Scripture memorization and application/discipleship, in competition with jump seats. The teen quiz team meets weekly from September to April to study and quiz over one chapter at a time. Monthly on Saturdays, we travel to various churches in Spokane and beyond to quiz with other teens. These quizzes include devotional and worship time and several quiz rounds where they can earn trophies and ribbons (and candy for learning memory verses). The top quizzers from the area earn scholarships to Northwest Nazarene University and then compete there in Nampa, Idaho at the end of May. There are national competitions at the end of June yearly. Join Coach Sonya Mounts and the other teen quizzers from 6:00 - 7:30pm on Sunday nights. 

To learn more about teen quizzing, click the link below. 

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