Life On Life Small Groups

Adult Sunday School Classes for June - October 2018

New classes will kick off on September 9th

  • LOL Groups Begin - September 9th

    Wednesday Night and Sunday Night Small Groups start September 9th!

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    You won't want to miss out!!

  • Growing in Your Faith - young adult group

    This class discusses the role of prayer, Bible reading, meditation, fasting, silence, Christian service, and more. Understand more fully the joy of pursuing maturity in your Christian life and intentionally pursuing God’s grace. This is not a daunting, joyless task as some tend to believe. It can be an interesting, satisfying, and spiritually rewarding adventure.

    Join Pastor Shelton and other young-adults in the first upper fireside classroom.

  • 1 Peter

    1 Peter is a fascinating letter to a church scattered into the world because of persecution. Peter writes to the people of God to encourage, strengthen and teach them how to live for Christ in a world which can be hostile to their faith. We will be moving through this great book verse by verse, finding what God would desire for us in our present culture.

    Join Pastor Jim in the large upper fireside room at the end of the hall.

  • Jeremiah & Lamentations

    The most unforgettable messages are those that grab our attention. This is the kind of message we will explore in the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations. During this quarter, we will discover their message has not lost its impact or relevance for us today. This Bible study exposition is written by pastors, leaders, and scholars to help us go deeper in God's Word during and after the lesson.

    Beginning June 17, this class will gain a greater understanding of the passages addressed and will find truths to apply to their lives today. 

    Join Pastor Sonya in the middle upper fireside classroom.